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Key of Life: unlocking the stories of Jesus for today

Jesus tells parables to open us to the values leading to a more compelling life.   The parables are keys to the door which opens to a mysterious, wild world beyond.
Can we unlock the door to a wider understanding?
Can we be open to a new word about a familiar text? 

Using the work of Jewish scholar Amy-Jill Levine, Short Stories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi, we'll consider how the parables challenge us to open the door and look into hidden aspects of our own values, our own lives.  We'll explore how Jesus requires us to do more than listen; he is asking us to think as well.

Mar.  5  - keys to the kin-dom

Mar. 12 - key of outrage

Mar. 19 - key of remembering

Mar. 26 - key of economy, including a witness from Standing Rock

Apr.  2  -  key to stepping out with refugee witness

Apr.   9 -  Palm Sunday with drama “To Tell the Truth”

Apr. 13 -  Maundy Thursday/Tennebrea Service of the Shadows 7:00

Apr. 15 -  joint lighting of the new fire at the rotary:
Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant congregations come together on the Easter vigil to light the fire of resurrection with runners taking the light to each congregation 6:00ish p.m. (Exact time TBA)

Apr. 16 -  Easter celebration with guest musicians

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Adults meet at 8:45 in the St. Marie Parlor many Sunday mornings during the school year to engage contemporary Christian issues and our traditions. 

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