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Our Vision for Our Children's Christian Education ...
... is shaped by stories of Jesus from a mainstream Protestant children's curriculum that focuses on living out our faith. Children can expect to experience the Bible story or theme in ways that are appropriate to their age-level, learning style, and stage of faith development. Our teachers are dedicated participants in the Safe Sanctuary program.

Theological Foundations
Our vision is to provide God's people with ecumenical resources that empower all ages to be transformed in Christ as they:

  • explore meaning and mystery in the Bible;
  • celebrate in worship, sacraments, education, and service;
  • engage in ministries of love, justice, and witness;
  • and live in inclusive communities of faith shaped and led by the Holy Spirit.

Grades Preschool - 5th:
Time: 10:00 AM on Sunday

Children in grades 5 and under begin the morning in church with their families. Near the beginning of the service, they are invited up to the front of the sanctuary for a time of “Opening the Word with Children.”   At its conclusion, they leave for their appropriate classes.