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As we contemplate our hectic lives, consider these words from the writing of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, a 12th century monk who warned of the danger of pouring ourselves out when our soul is only half-filled.

“If you are wise therefore you will show yourself a reservoir and not a channel. For a channel pours out as fast as it takes in; but a reservoir waits until it is full before it overflows, and so communicates its surplus. ... We have all too few such reservoirs in the Church at present, though we have channels in plenty. ... They [channels] desire to pour out when they themselves are not yet inpoured; they are readier to speak than to listen, eager to teach that which they do not know, and most anxious to excercise authority on others, although they have not learnt to rule themselves. ... Let the reservoir of which we spoke just now take pattern from the spring; for the spring does not form a stream or spread into a lake until it is brimful. ... Be filled thyself then ... pour out thy fullness. ... Out of thy fullness help me if thou canst; and, if not, spare thyself.”

-- From Great Devotional Classics by Douglas Steere

Cross and Altar What are you doing to fill your soul?
How do we get filled with the living water of Christ so that we may overflow for others and not be left dry and parched?

One way is through worship. 

In addition to our time together on Sunday morning, we invite you to take time to cultivate a relationship with God.   Listen here to Be Still, a moving piece by guest musician Hope Solanis. She invites you to close your eyes as you listen and to receive God's love.

Are you, or someone you know, feeling drained, parched, unfulfilled? Come to worship for a refreshing experience of living water through inspiring music, word and ritual. If you're empty and at the bottom, or pretty well filled and only need that final measure of water to be overflowing, come and let us worship God together.

We invite you to join us each Sunday for our worship service where the inclusive love of the gospel is proclaimed in word, music and ritual. We're a growing congregation of all ages, with nursery care and Church School during worship for the young ones or rocking chairs for nursing mothers right in the sanctuary. Designated a "safe sanctuary", we are dedicated to providing a safe place for our children.

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